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  • 62.900 kr.

    Gasslanga og þrýstijafnari fylgja ekki með grillinu  All-in-one gas barbecue (ø 50cm) Heat-resistant dome handle Automatic push button piezo ignition BBQ grid made from aluminium…

  • 54.900 kr.

    Electric barbecue (ø 40cm) Auto Grill Temperature control setting for exact grill cooking temperature Electric 2.3KW heat coil for quick heat up time Easy Clean removable, dishwasher safe…

  • 44.900 kr.

    Gasslanga og þrýstijafnari fylgja ekki með grillinu  Trendy, portable gas BBQ (ø 40cm) Available in 3 different colours Automatic Piezo ignition Dome hooks to act…

  • 29.900 kr.

  • 15.900 kr.

  • 15.900 kr.

  • 3.495 kr.

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