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Kælibox POLARYS HYBRID 42 – Brunner

69.900 kr.

Vörulýsing Framleiðanda 
The Polarys Hybrid Cooler is the perfect companion to keep food and drinks cool while on the go and/or after arriving at destination. Featuring 2 separate cooling systems: a compressor running on 230V AC and a thermo-electric cooling system running on 12V DC. The combination of these 2 systems results in a perfect cooling machine that covers a tempertaure range from +10°C down to -15°C. Easy to transport thanks to recessed handles integrated into the cooler body. The robust and well insulated body has a capacity of 42 litres allowing enough space for The plenty of food and drinks.

• Cooling Systems: compressor & thermoelectric
• Temperature range AC: +10°C to -15°C
• Temperature range DC: 20°C below ambient temperature

Vörunúmer 900826041N , ,

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Þyngd 20 kg
Mál 52 × 48 × 47 cm
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