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Borðfótur Primero F – Fawo

59.900 kr.

For table tops of 1000 x 800 mm max.
Version to be screwed to the floor (centre-to-centre distance 120 mm).
Max. load: 80 kg (bed)/ 40kg (table).
Sliding range: 360 mm.
Height (mini/maxi): 310 – 670 mm.
Floor dimensions: 61 x 51 cm.
Weight: 13.3 kg.

Vörunúmer 01611T17039 , , ,

Identical to PRIMERO CONFORT HPK but with a wider leg.
A new generation of table leg that is particularly easy to handle: the tightening handle is fixed under the table top to activate the table top sliding function and to lower the table in a single movement. Screwed to the floor. The table top slides laterally.
Aluminium pillar with compression springs.
Effortless handling.

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